10 Must Have Goan Catholic Dishes

Goan Dishes are as much popular as the beaches, churches, nightlife and casinos of Goa. Goan food can be broadly divided into seafood, Goan Hindu Cuisine and Goan Catholic Cusine. As you may have guess Goan Catholic Cusine is a blend of Goan Hindu and Portuguese styles of cooking. Here is our list of favourite picks for you to look for when you land in Goa :

Ambot Tik

Ambot Tik is spicy and sour curry prepared with fish. Ideally, shark fish is diced and tossed with onions, tomatoes and masala. ‘Ambot’ means sour and ‘tik’ means spicy. Red chillies are used to add spice to the dish and Kokum is used to make the dish taste sour.

Ambot Tik



Ideally balchao is made with prawns in a spicy and tangy tomato-chili sauce. It resembles pickling and can be made days in advance without reheating. The traditional balchao uses a paste made from dried shrimp known as galmbo in Konkani. Other variants of balchao are fish and pork balchao.

Shrimp Balchao


Spicy marinate used for chicken or fish made from coriander leaves, green chilies, and other spices. Ideally chicken cafreal is the authentic version.

Chicken Cafreal


Chourico is a sausage made from pork marinated in a mixture of vinegar, red chilies, and spices such as garlic, ginger, cumin, turmeric, cloves, pepper, and cinnamon, which is stuffed into casings.

Goan Chourico



Beef croquettes are an essential part of Goan cuisine and served at Christmas, Easter, New Year, weddings, parties, birthdays and all celebratory occasions.

Beef Croquettes



Feijoada is a strew made with beans with fresh pork or beef. The stay is prepared in a clay pot, in medium heat and is a popular dish of Goa.


Xacuti is a curry prepared with spices including white poppy seeds, sliced or grated coconut and large dried red chilies. It is usually prepared with chicken or lamb.


Goa was the birthplace of vindaloo curry. In the 15th century, the Portuguese controlled what is now Goa and brought with them their Portuguese recipes and ingredients from the new world – the Americas. 


Goan Sorpotel is a spicy and tangy red meat curry generally made using pork, but sometimes it also includes beef, mutton or chicken



Ros Omlette

Ros omelette, also known as ras omelette, is a snack and street food in Goan cuisine. Ros means “gravy” in Konkani. It is a spicy gravy of either chicken or chickpeas, which is often similar to xacuti which is commonly seen in the Goan Catholic style of cooking. If it is not a xacuti then it is probably a spicy gravy consisting of onions, curry leaves, black mustard seeds, scraped coconut and spices mostly prepared by Goan Hindus.

Ras Omlette


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